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The Rose School

The Rose School was established in September 2012. We have 40 students enrolled in our school, all of whom are from very underprivileged backgrounds. We provide each student with a Pakistani-based curriculum, clean water, a nutritious lunch, all study materials and uniforms, including winter coats, shoes and socks. We have selected caring and university qualified females to teach the children. 

Water Filtration Plant

The subsoil water available to residents of Thar Desert contains high levels of fluoride concentration (7-30mg per litre), which causes chronic health problems. FLOW International, in collaboration with local partner National Foods Ltd., has installed a Water Filtration Plant on the edge of the Thar Desert, which provides more than 6000 people with access to clean water every day.

Water Filtration Plant

Help us deliver safe and clean water those in need.

We've installed one Water Filtration Plant. Help us install a second plant in Sindh.

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